29. 08. 2017

New Balance Wins Chinese Trademark Infringement Case

There was great surprise when American sports outfit manufacturer New Balance won a trademark infringement case in China against three local manufacturers found to be infringing New Balance’s “N” logo. New Balance was...

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21. 08. 2017

China US Trade War Gains Tempo

The United States has long been the dominant economic superpower for most of recent history. They have grown in power and influence since the early 19th century and have produced some of the...

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02. 08. 2017

ICC Key to MLS Growth

The International Champions Cup: Making football bigger in the United States and Asia The International Champions Cup was envisioned as the tournament to showcase the best European teams in the United States. It...

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24. 04. 2017

Trump Negotiates Landmines in Business Landscape

United States President Donald Trump is gunning to become a pro-business administration. His steps to provide a better climate for businesses has been lauded by Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris who said manufacturing...

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14. 04. 2017

US Buyers Want Modest Homes

A National Association of Realtors survey of home buyers in the US highlights that most searchers were looking for a classic suburban home. There are no surprises in the answers, perhaps the surprise...

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12. 04. 2017

Internet Brings Professional Appearance to Vulture Flippers

Vulture home flippers are investors who buy property cheaply, renovate or otherwise improve them and sell them for a profit. You are probably most familiar with their yellow signs with black writing that...

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07. 04. 2017

Decline of U.S. Retail

Department stores have long been the anchor tenant and main attractions for shopping malls in the United States. They assure landlords and smaller tenants a steady flow of foot traffic most parts of...

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28. 01. 2017

Trumps Whirlwind First Week

Trump’s inauguration last week as President of the United States marked the start of a new era for America. His policies are protectionist and his vision is what he sees is the best...

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08. 01. 2017

Trump vs Auto Manufacturers

US President-elect Donald Trump won with the slogan which resonated with Americans, “Make America Great Again”. The nation gave him an incredible mandate to fulfill his promises, with his fellow Republicans also controlling...

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24. 12. 2016

Trump vs China

Donald Trump must wait a few more weeks before he officially becomes the 45th President of the United States. With Hillary Clinton’s recount efforts going nowhere, and her attempt to flip electors backfiring,...

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