08. 11. 2014

York Region Growth Cut in Half

A study of freehold sale prices for the month of September 2014 has continued to show good growth performance, but at half the rate experienced earlier in the year. The runaway largest growth...

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26. 08. 2014

Freehold Growth North of Toronto Continues

In a study of freehold sale prices for the month of July 2014 when compared to the same period a year earlier continues to show impressive growth across the board throughout the towns...

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02. 06. 2014

Beauty and Opportunity, Richmond Hill

Everyone knows that Richmond Hill is filled with beautiful million-dollar homes. On occasion, you can find luxurious homes here that are also good for a growing family. This is such home. It is...

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21. 05. 2014

20 Baif Boulevard, Richmond Hill

A popular condo complex in Richmond Hill are those buildings at 20, 40, 50, 60,  and 70 Baif, near the corner of Yonge and Weldrick they are lower condo towers, but they were built...

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18. 05. 2014

Four Bedroom Home Highway 7 and Yonge, Richmond Hill

Here is another beautiful custom home in Richmond Hill.  It is near highway 7 and Yonge Street. It is close to green spaces, great schools as well as the convenience of shopping along...

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10. 05. 2014

Three Bedroom Freehold Townhouse, Richmond Hill

A great option for people just starting their careers and family is a freehold townhouse in Richmond Hill. A townhouse greatly reduces the amount of maintenance needed and Richmond Hill is a great place...

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21. 04. 2014

Five Bedroom Beauty Richmond Hill

There is no shortage of beautiful homes in Richmond Hill, here is a prime example. This is a five bedroom brick home. It is two stories with seven bathrooms on a lot that...

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14. 04. 2014

3 Bedroom Townhouse Richmond Hill

I am sure I have said it here so many times that townhouses are an excellent way for young people to get into hot markets. Here is a three bedroom freehold townhouse in...

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11. 03. 2014

Custom Built Home Richmond Hill

Here is a custom built home near Bathurst and Elgin Mills in Richmond Hill. The plan was geared toward functionality and all the rooms are well thought out and exude craftsmanship. The lot...

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09. 03. 2014

Condo Townhouses 190 Harding West, Richmond Hill

A good option for starting families who want their family to grow in a good neighbourhood is the condo townhouse. They are, generally speaking, available for lower prices than a freehold property and...

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