21. 10. 2017

Kobe Steel Scandal Deepens

For decades now Japanese made goods have been known for their quality, integrity, reliability and workmanship. The Made in Japan brand has been among the most trusted in the world. However, their reputation...

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12. 02. 2017

Peugeot buys Hindustan Motors to Enter Indian Market

India’s national pride and icon of the past, the Ambassador was more than just a car. Made by Hindustan Motors, it was a symbol of luxury and one of India’s most beloved vehicle....

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08. 01. 2017

Trump vs Auto Manufacturers

US President-elect Donald Trump won with the slogan which resonated with Americans, “Make America Great Again”. The nation gave him an incredible mandate to fulfill his promises, with his fellow Republicans also controlling...

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28. 10. 2015

Harley Davidson : Losing the Joy

For years, Harley Davidson was the epitome of the bad ass American. Having a Harley was cool, and people lined up to have one. It was special, riders entered an elite club. Today,...

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20. 12. 2014

A Multinational’s View of the World

Being a company that is so large that it has offices in multiple countries has great benefits as we saw with the Tim Hortons / Burger King acquisition. Beneficial laws in one nation...

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26. 07. 2014

Debt and the Consumer

Most western countries are in the situation where the bulk of their manufacturing has gone overseas where labour is cheaper and products can be produced at a lower price. Compound this with the...

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19. 04. 2014

China Offers Manufacturing Countless Options

The enormous business opportunities in China are flexible. They vary in size and can match the commitment you are able to offer. Last time, I wrote about a retail business that can be...

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07. 12. 2013

Canadian Employment Picture

Statistics Canada released the nation’s employment statistics. Basically it paints the picture of a country growing thanks only to the increasing developments in Alberta’s oil sector. Alberta’s employment increased, while it dropped in...

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27. 06. 2013

Mexico to Surpass China as Manufacturer of Choice

China’s economy has been slowing steadily. The jaw dropping annual growth that the country had experienced is eroding. The other day I found a screwdriver for sale, that was stamped ‘Made in Canada’. I...

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07. 05. 2013

Elections in Pakistan make Investors Nervous

Greetings reader! I am Ahmed Saeed, I am a businessman from rural Pakistan. It is a place as far as you can imagine from Toronto, Ontario, but over the course of my writings...

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