12. 12. 2013

Housing for Older Canadians

Housing Options for Today’s Seniors The number of Canadians aged 55 years or older is growing at a rapid pace. Canadians who are now entering retirement are also, on average, better educated, more active...

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06. 11. 2013

Housing for Older Canadians

Understanding — and Responding to — the Over-55 Market Which sectors of the housing industry are involved in seniors’ housing in Canada? How can the housing market for seniors be segmented effectively? What...

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22. 04. 2013

Changing Views on Marriage WITH more young couples purchasing homes together before Their Wedding Day

80 Percent of Married Homeowners Say Buying a Home Did More to Strengthen Their Relationship than Any Other Purchase They Made Together Should couples wait until marriage? Times are changing, and a new...

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12. 04. 2013

Renting a Home

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities Whether you’re a first-time renter or an experienced tenant, when it comes to renting a home, it’s important to make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities. To...

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01. 02. 2013

Homes on Former Industrial Sites

In the GTA, the decline of the manufacturing sector has left many large plots of land with idle industrial buildings on them. Many have sought to redevelop these lands for residential use that...

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06. 11. 2012

FlexHousing™: A Home that Adapts to Your Life

As you go through life, your housing needs will change. A bachelor apartment is fine for your first home away from home but as you get established, you tend to need more space....

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28. 10. 2012

Demographics Alters Investment Strategies

One third of the Canadian population are now on the cusp of their retirement. Ten Million (10,000,000) people in this country are now in the final stages of preparing to cash in their...

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28. 03. 2012

Women and Men Make Home-Buying Decisions With Head and Heart

Square-footage and price are important elements to consider when selecting a home but according to a new survey from Coldwell Banker Real Estate of 1,000 men and women, they both also rely on...

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05. 10. 2011

Wind Turbines Effect on Real Estate

Ontario’s rapid growth in environmentally friendly energy generation projects, namely wind power, is coming under scrutiny by a number of people who own property near rural wind farms. They maintain that the wind...

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06. 05. 2011

Real Estate Disaster

Today I learned of a tale of emmense heart-break that I need to share with you so it never happens again to anyone. An investor purchased a beautiful property in a great area...

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