01. 05. 2016

Lack of Apple Innovation Drives its Decline

Apple was on a roll. It seemed unstoppable. Amidst uncertain economic conditions, Apple looked strong and fit as ever. Even though Apple’s iconic co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs died, Steve Cook took the...

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18. 10. 2015

Steel: The Neglected Industry

Steel is an important resource to industrial nations. Its production sustains growth and becomes central to the economy. If you think back to the industrial revolution in the United States and the United...

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11. 07. 2015

Youtubers Like PewDiePie to Replace Broadcasters

YouTube star Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known to YouTubers as “PewDiePie”, received harsh criticism about the amount of cash he received during the past year. He is a well-known YouTuber with a...

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30. 12. 2014

Warren Buffett Invests in the Future

In the massive transfer of wealth that led to the global depression of 2008, while the world’s largest corporations were fighting a battle to merely sustain in their market, Warren Buffett was declared...

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12. 12. 2014

Uber a Tough Player in a Competitive Market

Uber is a perfect example of how the internet and technology can change ordinary activities. With the use of an application on a simple handheld device, a person can arrange a ride and...

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05. 12. 2014

Netflix Points to Future of Global Communication

Netflix is an on-demand internet video streaming provider, currently operating in more than 40 countries. They also sell and rent DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs, however, it is the online media service that provides...

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19. 09. 2014

Our Future With Self-Driving Cars

Now that it has dominated the Internet, Google Inc. intends to extend its rule to the outer physical world. Its first step is focusing on the automobile industry and introducing driver-less cars. The...

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07. 12. 2013

Canadian Employment Picture

Statistics Canada released the nation’s employment statistics. Basically it paints the picture of a country growing thanks only to the increasing developments in Alberta’s oil sector. Alberta’s employment increased, while it dropped in...

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04. 10. 2013

Canadian Agriculture Technologies

Agriculture is important to a nations security and independence. Great emphasis should be put to ensure a nation can feed its people from its own food sources  and is not affected by global...

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27. 09. 2013

The Marvel of 3D Printing

The human quest to discover or invent new things is never ending. We have always been fascinated with imagining machines that would take us into the past or future; or a machine that...

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