01. 12. 2016

Interior Holiday Lighting Tips

Lighting is a very important part of any holiday decorating scheme. And while many people put a focus on lighting on the exterior of the house, there are many ways that lights can...

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03. 11. 2016

Creating a Modern Dining Room

A lot of people associate dining rooms with formal, traditional décor centered around a large table or gathering area. This image doesn’t always fit in well with a more modern home, however, leading...

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13. 10. 2016

How Often Should You Change Your Décor?

It seems as though there are entire websites and Pinterest boards dedicated just to helping you update the décor in your home. Updating as often as you find inspiration on these sites, however,...

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29. 09. 2016

Determining the Right Number of Pictures for a Wall

Photos, artwork, and other items really dress up a room, making it look complete. That may be why so many people choose to hang a variety of items on the walls of their...

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19. 09. 2016

Fun and Easy Décor for Halloween

Seasonal decorating is a fun way to continuously update your home décor and to welcome people to your home. Bringing out the same decorations year after year can become stale, however, leading many...

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21. 07. 2016

Modern Home Décor Trends

More and more homeowners have been opting for a blend of different interior design styles of late. Many of these blends incorporate modern décor to some degree, as people move away from fussy,...

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07. 07. 2016

Arranging Living Room Furniture in an Open Concept Home

As the popularity of open concept homes continues to grow, more and more homeowners are beginning to remodel or purchase homes with this layout. And while the open concept has a lot of...

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13. 06. 2016

Using Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Indoor/outdoor rugs are beginning to pop up everywhere from major deals sites to big box stores. This has led to some confusion from homeowners – where are use supposed to use these rugs...

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24. 03. 2016

Five Fast Ways to Add Color to a Room

Neutrals create beautiful, serene backdrops for many different interior designs. Unfortunately for many people, relying too much on neutrals can leave your décor feeling a little bland. The good news, is that you...

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14. 03. 2016

Decorating with Plants

No matter what style of home you have, plants can make a beautiful addition to your décor. Adding some greenery to any room of your home can brighten the space, make it feel...

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