12. 10. 2017

Catalonia Ponders Independence

News of Catalonia’s potential departure from Spain has spread like wildfire. Various news outlets throughout the world have reported the fascinating developments in Spain and in Catalonia. Murmurs and grumblings of Catalonia breaking...

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16. 09. 2017

Brexit to Aid US Tech Firms in Europe

The European Union Competition Commission has been harsh on its monopoly rulings. The likes of Google and Intel have tasted their wrath in different scenarios. Just last year, Apple was famously asked to...

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30. 08. 2016

EU Competition Laws Target Apple

Apple is awaiting the verdict of European Union competition officials with regards to its tax affairs in Ireland. EU officials started the three-year probe in 2014 as it discovered the Republic of Ireland...

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28. 06. 2016

Will Brexit lead to EU Policy Innovation?

News outlets world wide are all over the British vote results preferring an exit from the European Union. It has shaken global markets and will continue to do so until uncertainty is removed....

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28. 02. 2016

UK Membership in EU Painful but Necessary

In the sidelines of the G-20 meeting in China, Finance ministers of the world’s leading economies released a statement voicing their concern over the UK’s possible European exit. The possible shock to the...

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28. 10. 2014

Labour and Legacy Costs Drag European Union

Europe is the world’s second smallest continent, yet the world’s wealthiest. In 2013, the total GDP of Europe was $24.4 trillion, followed by North America at $20.3 trillion and Asia $18.5 trillion. Despite...

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17. 11. 2013

Canadian Pension Plan Invests in Spain’s Parque Principado Shopping Centre

INTRODUCTION The Parque Principado Shopping Centre located in Asturias, Northern Spain is one of the area’s largest shopping mall and most complete commercial market which also provides leisure, food and entertainment.  Along with...

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10. 11. 2013

Leading World Cities of The Future

Investors always need to stay ahead of trends. To get the most out of your investments, it is best to be already in position as new developments come to influence the subject area...

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27. 10. 2013

German Real Estate Attracts Investors Despite Concerns

While most of Europe has been suffering from economic problems and a harsh real estate investment climate, Germany has been economically sound, and its real estate market is booming. So much so that...

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12. 10. 2013

Returns on European Office Space

Generally, opportunity for return on investments in each city follow the trend for the nation it resides in, barring any special circumstances that might exist in the city. Emerging markets in eastern Europe...

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