18. 11. 2017

Futures Trading to Reduce Bitcoin Volatility

Bitcoin is the latest trend which has surprisingly kept its global popularity for less than a year or two. It has proven to be an important investment tool for a growing number. But,...

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23. 02. 2017

Foreign Exchange Swap Stabilizes Mexican Peso

With so much rhetoric lately from the United States against the Mexican business environment, the Mexican Peso has been experiencing heavy downward pressure. This pressure includes the new U.S. initiative to reconstitute manufacturing...

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29. 01. 2017

Questions of Value

The question of value has an importance that haunts us most of our days whether we are trying to establish a value for a loaf of bread, a video game, vehicle, or a...

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31. 12. 2016

Indian Push for Cashless Society Needs More Planning

India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies, grouped in 2001 with Brazil, Russia and China by then Golden Sachs chief economist Jim O’Neill as the largest emerging market economies. O’Neill expected...

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02. 02. 2016

Low Canadian Dollar Undermines Distributors

The low Canadian Dollar vs the USD has created unprecedented price increases in items we import. The US is gaining ground on all other currencies, making the prices of things we buy there...

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15. 09. 2015

Trust is the Basis for all Currencies Even Virtual Ones

Bitcoin is a virtual coin currency held electronically. It was created by a Japanese software developer Satoshi Nakamoto. The main idea was to produce a currency free from any central authority, transferable electronically,...

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27. 12. 2013

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is a digital decentralized currency that can be used to make instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Management of the bitcoin is carried out by the whole peer-to-peer network itself...

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10. 09. 2013

Emerging Market Currencies Suffer Against USD

Some of the world’s most important emerging economies are dealing with massive devaluation in their currencies. Brazil, India and Pakistan are the major victims of this devaluation. In 2013 only, their currency has...

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21. 05. 2013

Gold Prices Decline

Gold is the hottest and one of the most attractive topics for business writers these days. Since the economic decline of the United States in 2008, governments, institutions and investors have been searching for an...

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29. 09. 2011
Housing Prices in China Stabilize

Housing Prices in China Stabilize

The Chinese real estate experience in the past few years has been one of growth, increased growth and now, recently stabilized house prices.  Here we give a history of those years. Welcome to...

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