01. 04. 2017

Government Inaction on Money Laundering

Transparency International released a report critical of Canada, US, UK, and Australia saying there were not enough safeguards in place to prevent corrupt officials and others from laundering money in their countries by...

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20. 02. 2017

Vacuum of Leadership in South Korea

South Korea’s economy was supposed to be the shining light of Asia, but its current situation looks more worrying than ever. The economy last year was dealt a massive blow as two of...

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02. 02. 2017

Pyramid Schemes

When I was in primary school, my Australian pen-pal, sent me a letter explaining how if I sent a complete stranger a postcard from my country, in a few short weeks, I would...

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31. 12. 2016

Indian Push for Cashless Society Needs More Planning

India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies, grouped in 2001 with Brazil, Russia and China by then Golden Sachs chief economist Jim O’Neill as the largest emerging market economies. O’Neill expected...

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21. 09. 2016

Banks Return to Criminal Ways

The Bank/Client relationship is a human one, built through trust. Without trust, people cannot assure themselves that their hard-earned money and private information that they divulge will be secure from potential unscrupulous acts...

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22. 05. 2016

Corruption Holds Brazil Back

Brazil was once a promising country as it sailed through a period of economic prosperity. Former President Lula da Silva’s term from 2003 to 2011 brought millions out of poverty and reduced inequality....

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12. 04. 2016

Loopholes in Global Financial System

The release of the Panama Papers has shaken the world.  It confirmed what most of us always suspected. It revealed that some of the world’s biggest and influential names and personalities are part...

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13. 03. 2016

Hackers Undermine Bank Transfer Security

Alleged Chinese hackers tried to steal over $1 billion USD from the Bangladesh Central Bank in a series of bank transfers. However, due to typos and the enormous amounts of transfers, the New...

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04. 10. 2015

Corruption Breeds Unsustainability

FIFA President Sepp Blatter has refused to listen to the wishes of several FIFA sponsors namely Coca Cola, Vista, Budweiser and McDonald’s for him to resign immediately. With FIFA embroiled in a series...

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15. 09. 2015

Trust is the Basis for all Currencies Even Virtual Ones

Bitcoin is a virtual coin currency held electronically. It was created by a Japanese software developer Satoshi Nakamoto. The main idea was to produce a currency free from any central authority, transferable electronically,...

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