29. 08. 2017

New Balance Wins Chinese Trademark Infringement Case

There was great surprise when American sports outfit manufacturer New Balance won a trademark infringement case in China against three local manufacturers found to be infringing New Balance’s “N” logo. New Balance was...

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21. 08. 2017

China US Trade War Gains Tempo

The United States has long been the dominant economic superpower for most of recent history. They have grown in power and influence since the early 19th century and have produced some of the...

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24. 12. 2016

Trump vs China

Donald Trump must wait a few more weeks before he officially becomes the 45th President of the United States. With Hillary Clinton’s recount efforts going nowhere, and her attempt to flip electors backfiring,...

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10. 12. 2016

The Intellectual Property Struggle in China

China’s growth over past decades is leading it to be an economic powerhouse expected to overtake even the United States. Its increasing wealth among its large population of over 1.39 billion people make...

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26. 07. 2016

Yahoo’s Leadership Focuses on Alibaba’s Future

Yahoo was an internet titan in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Founders Jerry Yang and David Filo had a gem in their hands as Yahoo battled with MSN and Lycos to be one...

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12. 07. 2016

Brexit Could Mold the EU into a Bloc the UK Would Like to Join

The backlash from Brexit continues with ferocity. After the vote results were released, world markets went crazy with lack of answers to future financial questions. It led to a sense of uncertainty in...

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20. 03. 2016

Anbang Looks to Enter US Commercial Real Estate

Anbang’s $13.2 billion takeover bid of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide would be the beginning of Chinese companies foray into hotels. Chinese insurer Anbang Insurance Group Co. has become the most visible Chinese...

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14. 02. 2016

China Needs Transparency in its Markets

On the first day of trading after the week-long Chinese New Year holiday, Chinese central bank governor Zhou Xiaochan blamed speculators for the fall of the Chinese currency, the yuan. He said there...

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13. 12. 2015

Censorship Questions Arise from Alibaba’s Purchase of South China Morning Post

Tech giant Alibaba added another key part to its growing portfolio. It bought Hong Kong based daily ‘South China Morning Post’. Although the price has not been revealed, a recent valuation from Thomson...

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24. 11. 2015

ASEAN Focuses on Security

Now that the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit has concluded, another important forum for trade and co-operation occurs in the Malaysian capital. The ASEAN Summit brings together 10 ASEAN nations and several world...

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