16. 01. 2017

Luxury Shower Trends for 2017

There are few better ways to unwind at the end of a long day than with a hot, luxurious shower. This may be why more homeowners are converting their standard showers into spa...

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28. 11. 2016

Creating a Black and White Bathroom

Some bathroom trends never go out of style, and one of the longest lasting is the black and white bathroom. Black and white has been the go-to color scheme for baths since the...

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17. 11. 2016

Modern Bathroom Flooring Ideas

When it comes to a new bathroom design, many people focus on things like the sink, vanity, shower, and even toilet. In fact, the flooring is often an afterthought in the room –...

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14. 11. 2016

Creating an Accent Wall in Your Shower

Accent walls provide a natural focal point in the room they are in, while at the same time also helping to change the look, shape, and style of the room as a whole....

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27. 10. 2016

Considering Shower Panels

For a long time, homeowners have had two options when it comes to dealing with a shower surround. You either tiled the surround, or you opted for some type of one-piece unit. Both...

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22. 09. 2016

Painting Your Bathroom Tile

Tile is a long lasting covering frequently used in bathrooms on the floors and the walls. And while you want your tile to last as long as possible to avoid the expense of...

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05. 09. 2016

Creating Stylish Universal Design in the Bathroom

It’s a common occurrence in many homes. As the occupants get older, it gets more difficult to navigate certain areas of your home, such as the bathroom, without certain modifications, such as taller...

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25. 07. 2016

Concrete Showers

Performance showers are an increasingly large part of many bathrooms. These places are meant to give you the opportunity to unwind as well as get clean, including things like steam, water jets, massage,...

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18. 07. 2016

Fast Bathroom Updates

A full bathroom renovation can be very expensive and time consuming. There are times, however, when you just need to get a little work done. Maybe you’re having guests come to stay, or...

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16. 05. 2016

The Best Bathroom Paint Colors

Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in the home. They’re also one of the smallest rooms in the home in many cases, which can mean that choosing colors for the...

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