14. 03. 2017

Intel Heats up Autonomous Vehicle Market

American chip-maker Intel ventured into the future by buying driverless car technology firm Mobileye for $15.3 billion USD. This strategic move is designed to gain dominance in the race for driverless cars. It...

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13. 03. 2017

Developing Economies Teach Recycling

In Mexico City, with a population over 21 million, they produce 4.3 million tons of garbage a year. In an effort to increase the current 12% of this that is recycled, the city...

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12. 03. 2017

Notting Hill Mansion

Internationally known thanks to the film of the same name, the London neighbourhood of Notting Hill was a rough immigrant area until the 1980’s when gentrification realized the potential of the Victorian homes...

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10. 03. 2017

The Architecture of a Real Estate Bubble

To understand the business cycle and how it effects the prices of goods, assets even labour prices and the unemployment rate is an important skill. So much of the mystery of economics becomes...

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07. 03. 2017

Buy Now or Later : A Few Scenarios

In a sign of declining consumer confidence, today clients meeting with me asked for financial scenarios should they buy a property while we are at the top of the real estate cycle. The...

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06. 03. 2017

Homex Looks Past SEC Charges

When Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto reversed his successor Felipe Calderón’s policy to focus home building outside of major cities for one that focused on urban growth in the middle of 2013. For...

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05. 03. 2017

Indian REIT’s Lead Growth Excitement

India is expected to power through other nations in GDP growth, climbing from its current position of 7th largest economy in the world to 2nd in a few short years. Though there is...

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04. 03. 2017

Can Uber Survive PR Maelstrom

Uber has fallen from the good graces of the riding public, moving recently from one low to another. Controversies right, left and center has Uber reeling hard. Since its inception in 2009, CEO...

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02. 03. 2017

Brazilian Economy Needs a Boost

The property boom in Brazil has ended. The 2007 discovery of oil reserves off the coast of Brazil caused substantial economic growth, raising GDP 60% between 2008 to present. Oil income ballooned foreign...

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28. 02. 2017

Heritage Mansion Edinburgh, Scotland

Near the national capitol of Edinburgh, we have another heritage home available for sale. Well situated in the countryside of Roslin, Firth House is another example of Georgian Architecture.  It is half an...

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